About Us

The GTS GROUP INVESTMENTS CORP ("the GTS Group"), is an International Investment Holding Corporation based in Panama. The GTS Group assists as a consultant structuring and attracting investment opportunities, and also invests directly through its Strategic Alliances in these investment opportunities in all sectors of the economy, Electricity, Oil and Gas Industry, Technology, Mining, Agriculture, Construction, and international trade, and sets a percentage of all investments to a Fund , for the purposes of assisting humanitarian, educational, environmental and aboriginal Foundations working in projects in Latin America.

The GTS Group works online to attract investors, projects, consultants and to make market promotions in Latin America through its three Portals;
a) The GTS OFFSHORE INVESTMENTS PORTAL, which is used to attract investors, and providing opportunities for offshore investments in Panama, including Panama based project specific Private Placement investment opportunities, as well as more general multi-project Investment Funds, both tax free of any international earnings; to have a Portal to publish investment opportunities, projects and business in South and Central America and the Caribbean;

b) The PANAMA OFFSHORE GTS GROUP, which is a Partnership of Panama Law firms and Attorneys that specialized in providing legal solutions in Panama for Offshore Business, Retirement and Employment;

c) The GTS ONLINE CONSULTANTS GROUP , which is a new concept global online consulting group, which works through a unique and pioneer online payment concept of Senior Consultants available online worldwide, specialized in Latin America.
The GTS Group Portals are designed for investors and companies in the industrial world from Canada, USA and Europe to expand into emerging markets in Latin America, offering the option to do so by registering their subsidiaries in the Republic of Panama through the GTS Group legal Partnerships, a country with world class International banking services, communication services and world class airport and shipping logistics, a true bridge of the Americas, where offshore income is not taxable; and where the

GTS Group provides a set of Portals for some of the following purposes:

• Provide a Portal for companies in the developed world of North America and Europe to seek investment opportunities and markets for their services and equipment to Latin America;

• Provide a Portal for companies and governments of Latin America and the Caribbean to publish their projects, opportunities and investment needs to attract investors;

• Provide a Portal for companies and businesses in Latin America, a Portal for them to expand their businesses and markets, or sourcing Strategic Alliances in other countries in Latin America, or having the opportunity to jump with Strategic Alliance associations into the markets of developed countries like USA, Canada and Europe;

• Provide a Portal for Latin American companies to publish their needs for services and products in their area and countries and attract companies interested in filling that void;

• Provide a Portal to provide opportunities for international professionals from Latin America to offer consulting services to foreign companies seeking trusted international expertise offered by the GTS Consultants Group, professionals graduated from recognized universities with recognized expertise, many with graduate studies in Canadian, USA and European universities and having been trained by large multinational companies worldwide;

• Provide a Portal and a registry of employment and consulting opportunities for bilingual professionals who migrated and reside in the US, Canada and Europe interested in working online in Latin America, and to offer their services to companies interested in Latin America and the Caribbean;

• Provide a Portal and opportunity for active semi-retired executives with extensive experience that can offer their advisory services online from their place of residence, with extensive experience in international business and especially in Latin America, that could belong to the GTS Group exclusive Grey Power executive consultant groups, the "Grey Power Squadron" to become Trusted management executives in management, negotiations, operations and evaluation of marketing strategy for Latin America and the Caribbean;

• Provide a Portal for professionals and Consultants of the GTS Group to publish a business opportunity for a service or product needed in an area, or country or a market for a product and may publish it to find service companies interested, or equipment manufacturers or wholesale consumable and tool suppliers that may be interested in the opportunity, to contact said consultant to assist them in evaluating the market of interest, or to search for Strategic Alliances in their area for the service or product; or for companies to provide professional training for an area of businesses;

• Provide a Portal for private research centers or university research can search the local GTS Consulting Group to find consultants and be able to make quick and timely product market research, or a scientific research, or an environmental, biological or indigenous research projects, for one area or find multiple Consultants in several countries to do the same study at the same time and send the results for immediate evaluation in developed countries of Latin America, without the research center having to send their scientists to the areas in general tests, and only send them better prepared to the areas of interest;

• Provide a Portal for global foundations working in Latin American humanitarian, education, environmental protection, indigenous education on the use and protection of flora and fauna in their area working in Latin America to have a Portal to publish their work and raise donations online via the GTS Group for their work. The GTS Group designates a portion of all their business, to a relief fund to help the Foundations of their choice.

The GTS Group Portals lend themselves to act as the true Business Bridge of the Americas and to channel the tremendous resources of the industrial world to the emerging market of Latin America, which until now has been forgotten but is gaining momentum of growth by offering a continent increasingly democratic, without war or racism or religious problems, with vast natural resources and underutilized human resources, in need of improving their education and social status through industrial world technology partnerships in Latin America, by the hands of their own sons and brothers residents in the industrial world to work in Latin America