Our Vision

Our Vision is to become business leaders and form part of business growth in Latin America with the GTS OFFSHORE INVESTMENT Portal to bring up business opportunities to the Portal for investors to be interested in following up; for North American companies to market their services and technology to Latin America; for Investment funds and equity investors to source their project; and become the business bridge of the Americas, and act as facilitators and legal representatives for North American and Global companies that wish to register having their headquarters in Panama, and invest in Latin America, while investing, working or marketing their products through Strategic partnerships or in Subsidiaries in Latin America, as well as for Latin American companies sourcing investors or services in North America.

We also aim to attract to our Offshore Employment Solutions opportunities registry, Senior Consultants to join our GTS ONLINE CONSULTANTS GROUP, and get Grey Power executives, active and highly successful professionals and individuals that wish to have an active retirement staying involved in their offshore consulting business, offering Consulting Advisory investment and management services, active Directorships for corporations working in the emergent market of Latin America. We welcome former investment managers, equity investors, former CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s , former Ambassadors, diplomats and senior administrators that feel they have a lot to offer the world to make it better, and join our advisory, consulting and employment registry and the adventure of an active semi-retirement in an offshore location. We aim to be an important business and employment solution for current rotational professionals in the offshore energy and resource industry.