Benefits of Advertising with the GTS Group

The GTS Group Portals are your best advertising bilingual platform solution for business and industry for Latin America.

The web traffic is generated from a multisource number of locations, and mayor industries as the upstream and downstream Oil and gas, Refineries, oil tank farms; electric power; Mining operations, Industry, Construction, Technology, global commercial operations,  including but not limited to accessing and joining North America and European investors and  companies searching for opportunities or marketing their products in Latin America; Latin American companies searching for markets, investors and Strategic partnerships in North America, Europe and other Latin American countries; professionals searching for Employment; as well as the Total legal solution offered by the GTS Group of Associate Attorneys and Accounting firms in Panama to investors and companies to establish subsidiaries in Panama, and use them to invest in Latin America; as well as offering an active retirement solution as consultants to former executives and professionals, and a fiscal solution for Employment of offshore workers.

The GTS Group web platforms have been designed to act as the Panama Business Bridge of the Americas, with the objective of joining investors and companies with the opportunities, and having local Consultants in Latin America to assist them; as well as for companies to access the Latin American market for their services, equipment and products. In addition, the GTS Group web platforms offer an Investment and marketing Portal for Latin American private companies sourcing markets to venture into other Latin American countries, as well as Sourcing for North American investors, Strategic Partnerships, Technology, equipment and service companies for their local markets. As well, it is a publishing opportunity for multinational service companies offering their services as Banks, Medical and Life Insurance companies and Risk management corporations.

The GTS Group has a Global Online Consulting division for North American and Latin American senior executives and professionals to offer an online consulting service from their home, whereas they can work in short term or long term contracts with clients online, and paid online to the GTS Online Consulting Group in Panama, who offers them the opportunity to enter a Group international medical and life insurance plan and other benefits. These GTS Group senior consultants are available to offer their services throughout Latin America for North American and European companies venturing in Latin America, to assist them evaluate, negotiate, manage and operate the selected projects, or  market and sale their products. In addition, the GTS Group has an Employment Registry of employment for professionals with Latin American experience searching for rotational and permanent employment, including many Latin American professionals that have migrated to Canada and the USA, or Canadians and Americans with experience and living in Latin America.