This section is for Service Providers which are firms and companies that have signed a cooperation agreement with the GTS Group and provide services on a preferential basis to our clients and wish to use the GTS Group Portal to offer their services to other clients

Including offering special offers and discounts to clients that come through the GTS Group Portal, and wish to be included in our portal.

These companies include but are not limited to the following; Banks and financial institutions, investment firms, medical and insurance companies, engineering consulting companies, oilfield service companies, construction engineering and service companies, custom brokers and shipping companies, employment agencies and any other service company that wishes to offer their services and is approved by the Portal management of the GTS Group.

The service providers could offer their services to a specific industry, or country, or countries, or to all Latin America depending on their service area of influence, or the markets they wish to pursue with their Strategic Partners in the area. We welcome any business or market news items that they may provide, that may be of interested or benefit to our Clients, and if considered important to the industry, they may be published on the GTS Group Portal, and they will be acknowledged on the article. 

If you are interested to be considered as a Service Provider, please fill the following form: