The GTS ONLINE CONSULTANTS GROUP is an online global consulting group specialized in Latin America, who finds on the GTS Group Employment Registry suitable candidates to be evaluated and become Senior Business Advisers and Senior Consultants available to work online and / or physically

In the field to scout and evaluate personally business opportunities close to their areas of residence or travel, or for short or long term contracts. All of them are bilingual and are either fluent or have a working knowledge of English and Spanish, and for the ones that are weak in one or the other we have translators available online if required to assist them. To be considered for this elite Consultants group, they must have a minimum of ten (10) or more experience in their field, and must have a proven record of work in good standing. Each Consultant is evaluated before approved, and is also evaluated on a continuous basis from the classification and comments sent by their Clients at the end of their work. Consultants and Clients must sign the same Confidentiality and Non Circumvention Agreement to protect all work between them, and all work and communication, as well as all data transfer is done within a GTS Group confidential e-cloud accessed only by the Client and the Consultant within our servers, which in addition to ensuring confidentiality, it makes large data transfers fast and efficient.

GTS CONSULTANTS: Each GTS Group potential Consultant candidate is evaluated for his experience and good behaviour, including providing for two or more business and personal references, and two bank references before being temporarily accepted into this Elite GTS ONLINE CONSULTING GROUP. Each Consultant’s work is evaluated from the comments that their Clients send, as well as from the quality of their work, and their reports, and their honesty on their expense reports. Each negative Client comment letter will be followed with the Client and the Consultant, and the Consultant will be graded accordingly. This grade is averaged over the grades of all their Consultants, and helps GTS Group to evaluate how can the Company offer him assistance, including but not limited to improving his language skills and offering translation services.. Although Consultants will be helped to better their work, in case of consistent unsolved problems that affect their grade, they could receive Letters of Attention, which after the 3rd such letter they may be separated from the Consultant group. It is important for the GTS Group to keep a very high standard on their Consultants, so that they feel proud to belong to an elite group of global Consultants at the GTS ONLINE CONSULTANTS GROUP, as each one and every one of them represent the Company and their peers. If you are interested to be considered to become a GTS Group Consultant, please fill the form.

DIRECTORS AND TRUSTEES: The GTS Group also recruits highly qualified semi-retired senior “Grey Power” Consultants, ex-Presidents and senior executives or ex diplomats and semiretired Lawyers to become Corporate Directors for Panama Offshore International Business Corporations (IBC) or Trustees of Private International Foundations (PIF). The ideal candidate is a Grey Power semi-retired candidate that is or wants to become a Panama resident, as that is one of the requirements that Banks require to facilitate opening corporate bank accounts, and wishes to be a Director or Trustee of several IBC’s or PIF’s and receive an income from them. Their job could be from a basic position of lending their name and becoming a Director or Trustee to the company or Foundation for a set annual fee, to a more significant Consultant retainer negotiated with the owners for a more involved advisory or management position with the company, where the Directors name and experience could lend Business and banking credibility to the Company, that could be Panama subsidiary of a Multinational corporation, and act as a Trusted Executive Director.

A potential candidate for Director or Trustee positions need to be evaluated, and two business or personal references, provide two banking references, be a panama resident or have applied for their residence application, and have signed the same Confidentiality and Non Circumvention Agreement as Consultants and Clients, and for his protection and the protection of the GTS Group, have signed a document of non-responsibility with the IBC business in case they become illegal , and will result on an immediate resignation to the Board. In addition, for protection of the IBC or PIF, upon acceptance on a Board, the Director or Trustee signs a non-dated resignation document that the Board of the IBC or PIF could use at any time for any reason. 

If you are interested in contracting a Consultant, please fill this request: