The GTS Group Associates are approved Strategic Partnerships with legal, accounting, investment and engineering firms, mayor consulting firms, business Investment and Risk management service that enjoy an active communication, ensuring a fast, direct and personal service for their mutual clients.

These firms are companies that wish to work with the GTS Group to promote each other’s business, and that they have signed an association and mutual cooperation agreement that could include but is not limited to having web-links on each other’s websites. Said Associates will benefit from certain benefits and preferential referral cooperation services from the GTS Group, and they in return offer added value to the GTS Group service in Panama, providing local legal and international tax accounting advice, as well as business and management advice to open subsidiary corporate offices in panama, to expand clients business to Latin America.

As an example, the GTS Group Attorneys can do all what is required to register an Offshore International Business Corporation (IBC) or Private International Foundation (PIF). Accounting firms are able to add value by providing advice in tax matters, where in Panama offshore income is tax free, but in the United States it is not, and in Canada and the U.K. it is, although subject to local constraints. Legal firms can provide added value on legal matters of how to operate their Canadian or American income with a Panamanian Offshore executive subsidiary, and how to operate with the Panama subsidiary in other countries in Latin America. International law firms work with the GTS Group by using its Attorney services to incorporate an IBC or a Private Interest Foundation (PIF), at a competitive cost, the International Attorneys on their country provide their clients the added legal value of assisting them transfer the clients global assets to the Panama PIF, working in cooperation with the GTS Group Panama bilingual Attorneys. By working together, GTS Group and its associates help each other on their business.

As well, North American Management consulting firms assisting clients to expand their business outside North America, to find investors or markets in Latin America, will want to have a Legal trusted firm in Panama with whom they can work the legal details of registering these subsidiaries, and using them as executive offices for expansion.

If you are interested to be considered as an Associate company, please fill the following form