Advantages for a Client

The client can post his short and concise request for the work that he requires, in what location, and what type of consultant does he need on the GTS GROUP website, and the available Consultants in the area with the experience requested in his project will answer. The Consultants will answer with their given GTS codename, and their work CV. The client will check which ones he feels comfortable with, sign a CNCA agreement, and will receive immediately the CV of the requested Consultant in good standing, and list of their experience, his location, his professional GTS Group issued rated classification, which is an average of the classification of all his previous clients, and the number of projects and consulting days he has worked for the GTS Group to date, as well as his email and professional fees. If the client accepts him, he can answer to the Consultants email and sends him his more detailed request for work. If he does not accept him, he looks for another more suitable. The Client should be aware that the Consultant has already signed the same CNDA confidentiality and no circumvention agreement as the client to protect absolutely all data, including each other’s names. The consultant will answer, with either clarification of the work order, or a quote for the work he understands to be done. The Clients then approves the Work Order and pays online 100% of the quote.

The consultant is paid 50% up front, and the rest, after delivering his report and receiving satisfactory approval by the Client when he finalizes the work ordered contract. The Client grades rates the Consultant from 1-10, and this becomes part of his average professional GTS rated grade classification. If the client is not satisfied by the work done, he can state he is not satisfied with the work done, and state the reasons, and a Consultant supervisor will contact him within 24 hrs. The Consultant may be asked to either please finalize the work the way the clients expects it at no extra charge; or the Client may receive back either all or part of the 50% payment not paid to the Consultant, and the Consultant will not be paid, and may be penalized corresponding with the gravity of the problem, that could include complete separation. The Clients is always right. However, all clients are also rated by the consultants, and they also will have an average Consultants rating of the Clients, which they can use to decide if they wish to work or not work for the said client. Also, for very good customers, there may be benefits to be extended, and the same for good Consultants benefits will be extended.

The client can hire the Consultant that is already on the site, or one that knows the project and the area but lives some other place, or both, that they communicates in Spanish and English, and have the experience in the country, area and industry and that the can do the work immediately without delay. The Client saves time and money in airfare and hotel expenses to send a North American based Consultant to the area, and receives a local professional qualified trusted Consultant that is used to work and move safely in the area in case of a security risk, that also may know the project or people involved with it and can share his views confidentially with the Client, saving the Client a lot of problems or giving him an extra advantage, working always under the Client-Consultant CNCA agreement with the client. If the Client finds a Consultant particularly good that he wishes to propose and hire him full time and pay him salary and benefits and cost of living directly, not through the GTS GROUP, the Consultant is free to accept, subject to complying his contract separation agreement.