Advantage for a Consultant

The Consultants approved to represent the GTS Group, within the GTS ONLINE CONSULTANTS GROUP, will form part of an Elite Consultant Global Force, and as such, they will work under strict Confidentiality and No Circumvention Agreements (CNCA) with the Clients under Canadian standards of work of diligence and trust with their Clients, developing this trust and protecting always their Client. Whenever they wish to, they can ask for their Work Reference, automated and up to date, in case they wish to send to clients or banking institutions as proof of work. The Work Reference letter will include their official average Professional Grade classification of his Clients from 1-10, and in a separate page, in case they need it, a list of dated projects that they have worked, and how long they worked in each for.

The Consultants will be eligible to work in any job posted on the GTS Group Portal, and when the Work Order is approved, they will be paid 50% up front, in United States Dollars, and the rest upon finalizing and receiving a Satisfactory Grade by the Client. The Consultant has no minimum amount of days that he has to work, he can work on his days off, or nights or weekends and holidays as he wishes, and however, although he is authorized to work on other jobs, he must obey the CNCA and avoid any conflict of interest between his Consulting job and his day job, or the work with other Clients, or he will be severely penalized. If there is a conflict, he should report it, or not take the job from the Client.

The Consultant will be paid in any Bank they wish, however if they wish to be paid at their own bank account within the GTS GROUP payroll account, the bank recommends that they should leave to accumulate 50% or more of their earnings for 6 months, and after a personal evaluation visit to the Bank in Panama, a US banking law requiring “know your client”, and being sponsored by the GTS Group, they will be eligible to open a payroll bank account, under the umbrella of the GTS Group. Panama is a tax free jurisdiction for international income outside of Panama. The GTS Group will pay to any name or company the Consultant registers as his payroll agent account. The Consultants will then be eligible to participate in the GTS Group company group-rate international medical and life insurance plan for themselves and their family. In addition, if they wish to, having a job and an income in a Panama Bank, they will be eligible to apply for Panama residence and work permit, and with residence papers, be eligible for preferential bank housing loans of up to 90% and other benefits.

If a Consultant wishes to work directly for a client and separate from the GTS Group payroll, and does not want his client to pay online for his services to the GTS Group, and wants to have the Client pay him with direct payments, he is free to do so, after he fulfils his contract obligations, by arranging payment of a compensation of payment of one month at his consulting fees (30 days), that could be paid by his Client on his behalf. If the contract obligations are met, he has the choice of working for the Client, and at no cost continuing to be part of the Elite Global group of GTS ONLINE CONSULTANTS Group, unless he wishes to officially separate by sending a notice by email.

Special note to Consultants. In the case the Client is not satisfied with their work, and does not wish to authorize the payment of the other 50% of the fees, a supervisor will be in contact with the Client within 24 hours of receiving his report. After a conversation with the Client, the Consultant may be asked to either finalize the work at no extra charge; or the Client may be paid back either all or part of the 50% payment not paid to the Consultant, and the Consultant will not be paid, and will also receive a “Attention Note”, and if the problem is recurrent three (3) times, he will be penalized from receiving any more work for a time period corresponding with the gravity of the problem, that could include complete separation.