Advantages to Government Regulatory Agencies

The GTS GROUP Consultants online payment for services complies with all regulatory international banking regulations against money laundering from drug traffic and corruption as well as financing terrorism, having all its operations auditable by regulatory institutions.  Clients and Consultants work is protected via strict Confidentiality and No Circumvention Agreements, and available only to official judicial channels to regulatory institutions. Within the structure of the payment structure, (1) here is a person that has to register before requesting a service, as well as (2) a registered person accepting to carry forth the service that (3) works through a company auditable electronic mail, that (4) sends a quotation for the service work requested, which is (5) accepted by the first registered person that makes the online payment is paid to an online registered payment service through the major credit cards of Visa or MasterCard, to a GTS Group corporate auditable account, who (6) pays 50% to the registered Consultant giving the service by bank transfer, and who upon completing it (7) sends a standard dated report on the service done to the client, and (8) sends the client his detail report of the work requested to the client, who (9) accepts and approves payment of the other 50% of the fees within the GTS GROUP corporate account, who (10) makes this payment via bank transfer. All correspondence is available for auditing purposes and kept for a minimum of 5 years.