GTS Consultants Work

GTS ONLINE CONSULTANTS GROUP is a Panama based, online global Business and Technical Consulting Group that is specialized in Latin America, and works under Canadian and EEUU Standards with their bilingual international Senior Consultants based in all Latin America, under strictly enforced Confidentiality and No Circumvention Agreements (“CNCA”).

The following are examples of work suitable for the GTS ONLINE CONSULTANTS GROUP. For a client that has a project or business opportunity anywhere in Latin America, or North America, and needs to send a trusted, knowledgeable, objective, bilingual professional Senior Consultant that can communicate in both languages to scout or make a preliminary evaluation; at the moment, his only option is to send one of his employees, or find an American consultant to travel and do the job. Not anymore, he contacts the

The GTS Group Consultants to find a professional near the area that has the expertise he requires, to go and maybe drive immediately and do a scounting or evaluation trip, and to send him a report, and he can find out of the owner selling the project has what he says he has, or what condition is the office and staff of the company he is interested to associate with; send pictures and an evaluation. The Consultant s of the area, works for the GTS Group, and can have a professional report within days, saving himself time and money on traveling and hotel expenses. If he likes the project, he can do further work, get an onsite evaluation of what the business really is worth, or the market that really exists for his product, and if all results positive, only then he sets a trip to go and close a letter of intent, association agreement or purchase agreement.

Like the above, there are many examples; inspect an investment opportunity; evaluate the potential for the marketing opportunity for his equipment or his services in the area; evaluate what is the competition; what are the prices of his services in the area; to evaluate the success potential for participating in bidding situation; that he may require a Consultant to pick up some bidding documents from a potential client; or requires a consultant to pick up some technical data from a government agency or company to send electronically or via courier; he may wish to asses and evaluate the security risk for his personnel and company in an area; or wishes to make a market research for a product; he may need an independent consultant to go and visit a potential Strategic Partner or investment opportunity and do a due diligence inspection report of the validity of the information that the owner of a project gives him, or the existence and condition of the offices and staff he has, or the condition of the warehouse or shop they assure exists; or a company doing research for a product, or a technology that requires some product research in different areas of a country or all of Latin America; or find a consultant close by the area of a remote mining opportunity; or an University research team wishing to have research data on aboriginals in an area, or the socioeconomic conditions of environmental damage; or make a study in different countries of some amazon Indians; or research on the damage of deforestation. There work opportunities are unlimited and can be made, saving time and money by professional Consultants who are in the area and know the area and the language in the area, they can move to the area do the job, and send the information and short-term report to the Customer.