This section is destined to Post and list investment opportunities, either from companies or from consultants. From companies searching for investors or strategic partnerships or product representation services, or from onsite consultants that find business opportunities and post them for interested parties to evaluate if they are interested in following up the opportunity.


These projects should be complete, and well explained projects, that will be evaluated by a GTS Group Consultant, who will contact the company directly and offer their recommendations of how to post the project for best results, including arranging the data, asking for additional data if necessary, or/and offering our consulting services to help the Client finish the project for posting. The project Posted eventually, will be brief and to the point, showing the investment required, return on investment, and will be written in such a way that gives enough information of the country, without specific locations, and if Posted by the GTS Group Portal, it will have the guarantee to the Investor that our Consultants have interacted with the Client, have evaluated the project, and references checked to make sure it exist, and it is worth Posting. There will be a note from the GTS Group evaluator regarding his objective evaluation on the project. These company postings will then be eligible for posting at a fix upload fee. Clients can elect to Post their investment opportunities the Group long term and more economical section,   or they can elect to be posted on a priority basis in priority section for a time, and then elect to go to the economical long term section later.


These projects are free and no cost, and are posted by the GTS Group Consultants directly, and they will be responsible for what they Post. They have to leave their GTS Group issued code name, and the interested parties can contact them directly, through the GTS Group company secure email e-cloud server.  The only requirement is that they must be posted by a registered GTS Group Consultant that makes himself responsible for what he posts. These consultant postings are meant to give the opportunity to knowledgeable consultants to post the business opportunities they see in their areas, and where they may be contracted to follow up their postings.  This section has been designed to give Companies to search for business opportunities in other regions or countries. The Company could have within their staff, a registered GTS Group Consultant that could use this section to search at no cost for opportunities with other consultants.