The GTS Group Strategic Partners are special corporations in which the GTS Group has either a direct investment Interest; has an active Senior Director acting on an Executive Management position or has agreed to work on a especially close relationship with said company or investment fund 

Providing special investment, management, or business advisory assistance or is a local approved country representative for the GTS Group, and works actively to promote GTS Group business, including but not limited to having links on each other’s websites, and having a person dedicated to the business. To be listed in this website as a GTS Strategic Partner, there has to be mutual cooperation agreement between the parties signed.

Other Strategic partnerships. In this section, there are investors or companies searching for Strategic Partners and association opportunities in Latin American countries with companies that have local assets, offices, warehouses, administration and invoicing personnel, and know and have the market. North American companies may want to invest in these companies, or enter into a purchasing agreement outright, or associate with them to expand out of North America and market their services, or equipment in the local market. Also, there are Latin American companies that are searching for the same Strategic Partners in other Latin American countries to also invest, or expand their services, or even associate themselves with a Strategic Partner in North America to expand their business to North America, or to use their USA offices to find direct suppliers, and to use the Partners business and banking history and maybe assets to help them secure better local USA prices and obtain bank bridge financing for their purchases . The object is to list here all companies searching for Strategic Partners so that they can get in touch with each other for mutual benefit.

If interested in searching for available Strategic Partners, being listed as a potential Strategic partner, apply and we will be in touch with you.